Psychologists Honor Dr. Gregory Herek
    Davis, CA (December 12, 1996). Gregory M. Herek, Ph.D., is the 1996 recipient of the Early Career Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology in the Public Interest, one of the highest honors given by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Herek, a research psychologist at the University of California, Davis, is being recognized "for his impressive body of research, writing and professional service in the area of sexual minorities and for his impact on national debates on that subject," according to a story in the December (1996) Monitor, the APA's official newspaper.

"Herek's work has furthered our understanding of prejudice and discrimination related to sexual orientation in a variety of social and professional settings," according to the Monitor article. "In U.S. military policy, for example, Herek integrated a large body of behavioral and social research – including his own empirical studies – to construct a strong scientific argument against the military's ban on service by gay men and lesbians. Herek's work has also addressed violence and hate crimes and contributed to court challenges to antigay legislation and sodomy laws. His works on AIDS-related stigma are required reading on the syllabi of most courses on lesbian and gay studies. His application of psychological research seeks to assure that public policy decisions are informed by sound psychological science."

The Award for Distinguished Contribution to Psychology in the Public Interest is one of a handful given annually by the APA to recognize outstanding contributions in the areas of public policy, science, professional practice, and education. The 35 past recipients include Dr. Evelyn Hooker, whose groundbreaking research in the 1950s helped to disprove the widespread belief that homosexuality is inherently linked to mental illness.

Herek will receive the Award and an honorarium at the APA's 1997 national convention in Chicago, where he will also present an invited address.

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