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  Professor Herek's blog, Beyond Homophobia, features his comments on scientific research and social policy related to sexual orientation.



Setting the Record "Straight": Communicating Findings from Social Science Research on Sexual Orientation to the Courts. This chapter describes some ways in which social science knowledge about sexual orientation and sexual stigma has been applied to social justice issues through federal and state courts. The chapter draws examples from the authorís experiences as an expert witness in cases such as Perry v. Schwarzenegger, the landmark 2010 federal case that ultimately overturned Proposition 8, Californiaís voter-enacted constitutional ban on marriage for same-sex couples. It appears in The Oxford Handbook of Social Psychology and Social Justice.



Documenting Hate Crimes in the United States: Some Considerations on Data Sources. The need for accurate documentation of the incidence and prevalence of hate crimes is an ongoing concern for U.S. policymakers, advocates, and law enforcement personnel seeking to understand their extent and track annual trends. This article describes. critiques, and provides historical context for four general documentation sources: victim reports to community antiviolence organizations, community surveys conducted with nonprobability samples of sexual and gender minority respondents, data from local law enforcement agencies compiled annually by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and surveys conducted with national probability samples. It appears in volume 4 of Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.



Evaluating the Methodology of Social Science Research on Sexual Orientation and Parenting: A Tale of Three Studies. This article discusses substantive findings and methodological challenges in empirical research on sexual minority parenting, and critiques studies by Regnerus, Allen, and Sarantakos. It appears in volume 48 (#2) of the UC Davis Law Review.
  Portions of the 2010 Prop. 8 trial – including brief excerpts from Prof. Herek's courtroom testimony – are portrayed in "8," a play by Academy Award winning writer Dustin Lance Black.
  Professor Herek's 2011 written testimony for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights' Briefing on Peer-to-Peer Violence and Bullying in public schools. You can also download the Commission's final report, which cites Dr. Herek's testimony.
  Demographic, Psychological, and Social Characteristics of Self-Identified Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adults in a U.S. Probability Sample. This paper reports descriptive data on the U.S. lesbian, gay, and bisexual adult population using data from a nationally representative sample. It appears in volume 7 of Sexuality Research and Social Policy.
  Sexual Stigma and Sexual Prejudice in the United States: A Conceptual Framework. This chapter in the Nebraska Symposium on Motivation provides a detailed account of Dr. Herek's conceptual framework for understanding stigma and prejudice based on sexual orientation.
  Internalized Stigma Among Sexual Minority Adults: Insights from a Social Psychological Perspective. This paper offers insights into self-stigma among sexual minority adults and reports data from a large Sacramento-are sample. It appears in volume 56 of the Journal of Counseling Psychology.
  Hate Crimes and Stigma-Related Experiences Among Sexual Minority Adults in the United States: Prevalence Estimates from a National Probability Sample. This paper reports data on the prevalence of hate crime victimization and discrimination in a nationally representative sample of lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults. It appears in volume 24 of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
  The virtual library. Download copies of Dr. Herek's papers.
  Resources for Professionals, Researchers, and Students. Links to various preprints and information about scales (including the ATLG, items about hate crime victimization, a measure of internalized homophobia, and AIDS stigma items).
  Paul Cameron. An extensive critique of studies conducted by the anti-gay psychologist, as well as information about the journals in which his data have been published.
  Abstracts for selected publications.
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