HIV-Related Stigma and Knowledge in the U.S., 1991-1999

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6. Many Americans continue to believe they can get AIDS by donating blood


In addition to incorrect beliefs about casual contact, much of the public continues to harbor misapprehensions about donating blood.

Roughly one third of the 1991 respondents believed that HIV can be contracted through donating blood.

The proportion dipped to 29% in 1997, but rose again to 33% in 1999.

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Item Wording

"How about from receiving a transfusion of blood from a blood bank that screens blood for the AIDS virus? Would you say if someone does that they're very likely, somewhat likely, somewhat unlikely, very unlikely to get AIDS, or is it impossible to get AIDS in this way?"

Graphic shows the proportion responding "very likely," "somewhat likely," or "somewhat unlikely."


From: Herek, G. M., Capitanio, J. P., & Widaman, K. F. (2002). HIV-related stigma and knowledge in the United States: Prevalence and trends, 1991-1999. American Journal of Public Health, 92(3).
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