American Behavioral Scientist, April, 1999, vol. 42, number 7 AIDS and Stigma in the United States

A special issue of the American Behavioral Scientist

Edited by
Gregory M. Herek, Ph.D.

(Sage Publications, April, 1999)



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AIDS and Stigma
Gregory M. Herek

Stigma as an Obstacle to AIDS Action: The Case of the African American Community
Mindy Thompson Fullilove & Robert E. Fullilove, III

AIDS Stigma and Sexual Prejudice
Gregory M. Herek & John P. Capitanio

AIDS-Related Stigma and Attitudes Toward Injecting Drug Users Among Black and White Americans
John P. Capitanio & Gregory M. Herek

Critical Delays in HIV Testing and Care: The Potential Role of Stigma
Margaret A. Chesney & Ashley W. Smith

Punished For Their Good Deeds: Stigmatization of AIDS Volunteers
Mark Snyder, Allen M. Omoto, & A. Lauren Crain

A Social Psychological Analysis of HIV-Related Stigma: A Two Factor Theory
John B. Pryor, Glenn D. Reeder, & Steven Landau

The Problem of "Us" vs. "Them" and AIDS Stigma
Patricia G. Devine, E. Ashby Plant, & Kristen Harrison

Studying the Legal Management of HIV-Related Stigma
Scott Burris

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